Soil Heroes: David Montgomery, Anne Bikle, and David Zuckerman

Dear Real Organic friends,

We need research scientists and organic farmers to work together now more than ever. For many years the scientific community largely ignored (or even slandered) organic farming. This left organic farmers to experiment on their own and educate each other. Now many scientists are coming to the conclusion that organic farming, done properly, is the only path forward. 

I am a member of both the organic movement and academia and couldn't be more excited to see the number of scientists who support the Real Organic Project and are part of the upcoming Real Organic Symposium in January. Funding for organic farming systems still pales in comparison to chemical farming in spite of the scientific consensus that organic is an important part of the solution to many of our environmental problems (many of which are caused by chemical farming).

Two of the scientists featured in the Real Organic symposium are David Montgomery and Anne Bikle, authors of The Hidden Half of Nature, the microbial roots of life and health. David is a geologist who challenges us with the historical perspective to be the first civilization to get it right! We can't let the destruction of our soils be our downfall as it has been for so many civilizations before us.

Anne Bikle is a biologist who takes us deep into the intimate interactions between soil life and plants and draws parallels to the workings in our own gut microbiome. Agricultural chemicals reduce the biodiversity in both systems. Without these microbial partners, the health of plants and humans is compromised. Montgomery and Bikle's new book dives into the science of "you are what your food ate."

One of the organic farmers who can speak to these connections better than most is David Zuckerman. He's so eloquent that he has also risen into the political ranks as Lieutenant Governor of Vermont. David understands that we can't fix the human health or environmental crises without also addressing economic and social injustices. 

I have learned so much from these organic mentors and it is my deep hope that you will too!

Real Organic Project received important coverage inCivil Eatsthis week. Please read and share so our movement can grow!

Yours in the dirt,


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