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January 30th, 2022

& February 6th, 2022

3-5pm EST

An interactive virtual series of talks with more than 50 prominent organic farmers, scientists, climate activists, and YOU.

Recordings of 2022 are for Attendees, Real Friends and Real Organic Farmers only

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2022 Symposium recordings are available year-round for ticket holders and our Real Friends. Join with a recurring donation and receive a free symposium ticket each year, exclusive event invites to our Book Club meetings with prominent speakers, and more!

We always make our symposium free for farmers and students:

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2 sessions

50+ speakers

2022 Session 1: Milk & Money


January 30,

3-5pm EST

Our first Sunday explores the impact of the massive influx of industrial-scale dairy into the organic sector. What happens when a few “organic” dairies in the arid West outproduce the thousands of family-scale dairies across the country? What are the differences in production practices? How can the farmer affect the quality of the milk you drink?


This 2 hour session unpacks the recent Horizon Organic contract cancellations with 89 family farmers in the Northeast. What is the damage to farmers and their communities when Horizon exits the states of Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont? Why should consumers care where their milk comes from? Is Danone (owner of the Horizon brand) meeting its commitment to the triple bottom line (financial, social and environmental sustainability) as a certified B-Corps?


Hear the voices of dairy farmers impacted by the issue along with those of experts and advocates who connect the dots to the greater impact on the food system, our health, and the planet.

Just Added: Special Mid-Week Session!


February 2

6pm EST

We're excited to offer a special 45-minute session featuring Gary Hirshberg of Stonyfield and Dave Chapman of the Real Organic Project discussing the efforts to save the 89 organic family dairy farms being dropped by Danone/Horizon.

This session will be streamed for free, regardless of ticketholder status but you must be on our mailing list or registered for us to send the link to view and comment as we stream it.

2022 Session 2: Protecting Organic


February 6

3-5pm EST

Week two brings together the farmers and eaters who are building a saner agriculture for a better future. What successful models have brought about real change? How can we multiply their impact? How do we protect what we have worked so hard to build over the last century? What is the impact of personal choices compared to political change to move beyond the fringe into mainstream markets and what will protect us from corporate greenwashing, money, and power?

New this year:
A virtual Expo will allow attendees to learn more from partners who, together with you, support the real organic movement!

Special gatherings planned for our 1000 Real Friend donors and Real Organic Farmers as well! Donate $100 to become a Real Friend today and we'll send you a free $65 ticket as a thank you!

"I was riveted to each week’s broadcast. Sent out links to everyone I could think of. I loved coming to know the main characters and their voices, from different perspectives, through the course of the symposium, as they become new heroes. Each week’s focus made a case that seemed reason enough to go Organic but added up to a powerful, sweeping initiative with a million arms.


BLESSED UNREST! To consciously link them multiplies the effect."


-Rosalyn Driscoll, 2021 Symposium Attendee


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